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October 1, 2018
Jason Moore


These are events where equipment representatives gather in one place with a sample of equipment and lots information.  This is a great opportunity for athletes and parents to hear about the latest in technology, get fit advice, and pre-purchase product at "pro" pricing (usually a percentage above wholesale).  These events are great learning experiences for everyone.  For those that are very new to Alpine Ski Racing, and don't yet need brand new race gear, we have some swap opportunities where you can find great gear at low prices.  This year, we have a rare opportunity at Big Sky.  The Reps are on a western tour and hitting some of the big areas.  They are stopping in Big Sky on Tuesday, Sept. 25th.  Info will be emailed.  

We have done this on a smaller scale at PhD Skis (Bozeman) and Kevin Wiesner may host an additional "Fit Night" TBD.  Kevin is always willing to work with our race families and will offer "pro" pricing throughout the fall.  If at all possible, try to get to Big Sky since it is rare to get many reps in one place.  

BSF TEAM SWAP (Partnering with Big Sky Ski Education Foundation)
The BSF Team Swap will take place on Oct. 7, 4-7pm, Gallatin Gateway Community Center.  This is a great opportunity for folks to bring gently used gear that your athlete has grown out of.  Also a great opportunity for folks to find gear at great prices.  Much more info to come.  Save the date.

Save the date for the BIG swap at the fairgrounds.  Nov. 3-4, 2018.  If you do not have all of your gear by late October, chances are you will find it at the community swap! (BSF members get into the swap one hour before the public. If you volunteer at the Ski Swap, you get in two hours early!) BSF Ski Swap Page.

There are a number of local shops to help with equipment.  Our athletes typically go to Chalet Sports,  Round House Sports, and PhD Skis.  Most offer BSF members discounts, rental programs for growing athletes, and more.  Kevin Wiesner at PhD Skis is our best contact for "direct to rep" pricing and some great boot fitting.  

Here are a couple of sites where you can find used gear, post used gear, and ask for an item you are looking for!



If you have any questions, please call or email.

For U16 and older, contact Roger Bay,, 406-600-3885

For U14 and younger, contact Jason Moore,, 802-272-0961

U.S. Ski and Snowboard (USSA) Equipment Recommendations

U8-U12 (Introductory - formerly YSL)

  • Hard ear helmet (required)
  • Multi-event Jr Race Skis/ Free Skis
  • Properly fitted poles
  • Good fitting 4 buckle boot with softer flex

U10-U12 (Introductory/Development)

  • Hard ear helmet (required) - Look for helmets with chin guard options
  • Jr Slalom Race Skis
  • Jr Giant Slalom Race Skis
  • Free Skis
  • Properly fitted poles (Sl and GS when appropriate)
  • Properly fitted Jr Race Boot
  • Protection (shin guards, chin guard, pole guards) - check with coaches to see if your athlete needs some or all of these items.  Entry level racers will not need these items initially.  Focus will be on technique and tactics.

U14 (Development/Competition)

  • F.I.S. approved hard ear helmet (required)
  • SL race skis
  • GS race skis
  • SG race skis (or longer GS skis when ready for SG)
  • SL and GS poles
  • Jr Race Boot (If beyond Jr sizing, properly fitting “softer” adult boot
  • Protection (shin guards, chin guards, pole guards, back protector) - check with coaches to see if your athlete needs some or all of these items.  Entry level racers will not need all of these items initially.  We also have a pool of protection items so check before buying.  
  • U14’s will start to have some USSA equipment regulations.  Most skis/boots for this age will fit the guidelines.  The regulation chart may be confusing but any shop will have this knowledge.  For private sales, if there are any questions, please contact BSF coaching staff.  

U16 and Older

  • F.I.S. approved hard ear helmet (required)
  • SL Skis
  • GS Skis
  • SG Skis
  • DH Skis (if applicable)
  • SL and GS poles
  • Properly fitting Race Boot
  • Protection (shin guards, chin guard, pole guards, back protector)
  • U16-U21 USSA/FIS Equipment Regulations

PLEASE NOTE…... These are recommendations based on typical USSA age groupings.  Athletes do come into the sport at a variety of ages so not all recommendations may apply.  Again, please check with Jason or Roger if you have any questions!