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6 Years, Moments for a Lifetime
May 31, 2019
Bruce Swann

A BSF board member reflects and gives his top 5 BSF moments

Six years ago I made the decision to join the Bridger Ski Foundation board as a freestyle representative. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, other than I would be replacing another "freestyle parent" on the board and volunteering my time to a local non-profit. I also figured it was an excellent opportunity to be closer to a sport my boys participated in, which I really knew nothing about. I grew up surfing, not skiing moguls, or throwing d-spins.

Immersing myself into the organization, learning about freestyle skiing and getting to know Mike Papke, the Freestyle/Freeskiing Program Director, were early highlights. I learned so much from Mike; not just freestyle skiing, but also to sit back and enjoy the ride my boys were on. It was incredible for me to watch my boys have fun, grow, and learn from both successes and failures. There is no better coach than Mike to help kids and athletes grow, as well as gain experiences that will last a lifetime.

I quickly learned that BSF was more than Freestyle. While Freestyle was the reason I joined the board and where I initially centered my efforts, I was challenged to learn about the Alpine and Nordic programs BSF offers, as well as grooming trails for the community throughout the Bozeman area. As I started to piece all of that together, I realized how unique BSF is and how fortunate we are to have an organization like BSF in Bozeman. No organization in the country offers Alpine, Nordic and Freestyle/Freeskiing, as well as grooming community trails in a community like Bozeman, where our ski venues are on our doorstep.

For me, it was a story I loved telling, and I jumped at the chance to evangelize BSF whenever I could. Whether it be to a potential athlete, BSF member, donor, community member, friend, etc., there is no better story: BSF focuses on inspiring a lifelong love skiing, athletic excellence, and personal growth. The programs and trails are open to everyone, and we strive to keep skiing affordable through fundraising, scholarships, financial aid, open trail access, and equipment assistance.

I realized that we had to amplify that story and more people needed to know and understand all that BSF has to offer. One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is helping the Executive Director convince the board we needed to invest in marketing to help with our storytelling. Thankfully, BSF hired Jenny White, who among other things, launched a new BSF website, helped with re-branding, fine-tuned the BSF story, used social media and other channels to tell that story and is present at so many events to capture moments and experiences.


As I reflect, I have had so many BSF moments. Here are my top 5:

  1. Doing my part to help BSF become a Gold Certified Club, the highest recognition given by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA).
  2. Working alongside fantastic fellow board members and BSF staff, especially Lisa Diekmann, the Director of Development at BSF. There is no better person to raise support and awareness for something as unique as BSF.
  3. My employer, Adobe, has an incredibly charitable foundation. I was able to raise an impressive amount of funds for BSF through the foundation, using matching donations, volunteer hour grants, and an annual board service grant. #AdobeLife
  4. Being the board representative for the BSF Ambassador Program, where I got to know athletes from all the programs, understand their goals, as well as help them better understand the value of a nonprofit like BSF. Something I looked forward to every year was volunteering with BSF Ambassadors at the Big Sky Special Olympics.
  5. Participating in a search committee to hire a new Executive Director. It isn't easy being an Executive Director for a non-profit; the pressures to raise funds, recruit coaches and run a business; there are undoubtedly difficult decisions that need to be made for the betterment and future of the club and I am confident Evan Weiss is the right person to lead BSF.


Violet Newhouse

Ultimately though, my most memorable moment was a subtle moment. Back in March, I volunteered as a starter for the final Alpine race of the season. It was something I had never done before, and I had an absolute BLAST, soaking in such contagious energy, passion, dedication, etc. And as a starter at the top of the course, I had the best view in the house.

My favorite moment was when Violet Newhouse stepped into the gate. After seven years of skiing with BSF, this was her last race. She was crying; clearly not lost on her that this was her final run. I actually had a hard time getting her through the 10-second countdown without choking up myself. I was thinking about Violet, as well as her Dad somewhere along the course watching his daughter do her thing on the slopes one last time. With tears in her eyes, she sent it.

In my opinion, Violet is the quintessential BSF athlete. Forget the fact, for a second, that she is a stellar student, but she has been an ambassador several times (one of the best examples of one), has had ups/downs and highs/lows on the slopes, etc., but never wavered on her dedication to the sport and BSF. To me, this IS the BSF story in so many ways. Violet might not be going to the Olympics but is clearly an amazing human being with a passion for a sport she dedicated seven years of her life to. I can't write a better story than that.

As my tenure on the BSF board comes to a close, I'd like to thank everyone for their teamwork, support, and friendship. The two terms, a combined 6 years, has been an important and meaningful chapter in my life.

--Bruce Swann