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17 Nordic Athletes Qualify for Junior Nationals
February 11, 2019
Jenny White

BSF's Nordic team traveled to Boise for the final junior national qualifier race of the season. Points from three separate weekends of qualifier racing were tallied to name the teams that will represent the Intermountain Division (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah) at the 2019 Junior National Cross Country Championships in Alaska.

An impressive number of BSF athletes qualified for junior nationals, with fifteen BSF athletes being named to the Intermountain Division team and two to the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA)

These women are headed to Junior Nationals. (Photo: Sarah Alexander)

IMD Junior Nationals Team:

Anna Alexander (U16)

Paige Coletta (U18)

Georgianna Fischer (U18)

Phinneas Fischer (U16)

Max Kluck (U16)

Sabine Love (U18)

Kai Mittelsteadt (U18)

Eli Nielsen (U20)

Hans Pessl (U20)

Sven Tate (U20)

Emma White (U16)

Ari Woods (U20)

Cale Woods (U16)

Clara Wyatt (U16)

Seth Wyatt (U18)


Lauren Potyk

Sam Schroderbek

Coach Lina with the three BSF U16 girls who qualified for Junior Nationals. (Photo: Sarah Alexander)

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