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11 BSF Seniors Graduate
June 6, 2018
Jenny White
Bridger McKinney, BHS Valedictorian, racing the Lindley Chase in graduation garb.

It’s official. Eleven BSF skiers graduated this spring. 

For more than a decade, most of these seniors have been skiing with BSF. We’ve watched them grow into strong, smart and compassionate young adults, and while their departures will be bittersweet, we can’t wait to see what they do. As high school students, they’ve balanced training, travel, academics, friends, and family. Next fall will find them in new territory—universities, adventures, and for some new ski teams.

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors!


Where are they headed?

Graham Branch – Nordic

Graham, one of Bozeman High’s graduation speakers, will head to St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, where he will be a member of their Division I ski team.

Jessi Cutler – Freestyle

Jessi, one of our Senior Scholarship recipients, will go on to study geological engineering at Montana Tech.  

Liam Diekmann – Nordic

Liam will attend the University of Utah as part of the Honors College and Business Scholars Program to study business and environmental sciences. He says he hopes to continue his father’s career.

Robert Kwapisz – Nordic

Robert received the MUS Scholarship and will study physics at Montana State University as part of their Honors College. He says he plans to ski at Bridger Bowl!

Bridger McKinney – Nordic

Bridger, the Bozeman High valedictorian, will attend Montana State University with an MSU provost scholarship.

Andrew Meyer – Nordic

Andrew will join the Division I ski team at the University of New Hampshire, where he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship and plans to study economics.

Hans Pessl – Nordic

Hans plans to spend the fall traveling in South America and will return stateside to attend to Middlebury College in Vermont in February 2019.

Rory Rasch – Nordic

Rory will attend Montana State University.

Sam Rogers – Alpine

Sam is headed to St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. He says he may race with the school’s club team. 

Jack Price – Freeskiing

Jack finished up his high school coursework early in order to join the Park City Ski Team last season and ski on the Rev Tour. However, a recent knee injury means that instead of pursuing skiing during his gap year, he’ll be taking the creative route to focus on filmmaking and photography. He has accepted an opportunity to be an assistant producer on the set of Ozark in Atlanta next winter and spring. 

Oliver Temple – Snowboarding

Oliver will attend Montana State University, majoring in biological sciences for fish and wildlife ecology management. He plans to continue to train and compete in Snow Bordercross and will be traveling to Europe and South America for specialized training.

Ariana Woods – Nordic

Ariana plans to attend Montana State University and will move up to the BSF Post-Grad (PG) team and continue to train and compete with us.

“Skiing with BSF for the better part of the last 10 years has been an amazing experience. Growing up in the program, it has been awesome watching the ski racing community grow. BSF has allowed me to make some lifelong friends. I am incredibly thankful for BSF and everybody involved in BSF.”  
– Sam Rogers, BSF Alpine

The BSF seniors want send their thanks to their coaches, teammates, BSF staff, and families. It's been a great run!