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Weekend update for 1/12/19
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January 11, 2019 10:45 PM

The skiing has been outstanding for the last couple days and promises to continue that way through the weekend! Between Friday night and Saturday morning, we will get all of the major areas groomed up, including a portion of the Hyalite Trails. On Friday, BSF groomed the west shore trail, sleeping giant to Palisades, and a loop through the Hood Creek area at Hyalite. Meanwhile, Sourdough will be groomed to Mystic Lake and the Moser Trailhead. We are leaving the old classic tracks as they are in decent shape still. There are occasional icy patches at Sourdough but overall, the snow is very good. The trails in town have all stayed dry and cool through the warm up and have been as good as ever, so get out for a nice ski this weekend! On Monday, Map Brewing is hosting a pint night for our trails program with a portion of the nights sales going to the Community Trails Program, so ski a bunch this weekend, then come have a beer or two with us on Monday!

With the cold nights and high pressure, we will groom enough to keep the skiing good, but our snowpack is still very thin and the less we can do the better. As long as there is little change in the snow, which the cold nights help a lot with, we will likely groom every other day or so.