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Up and running
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November 30, 2019 9:55 PM

As of Saturday night, all of the major in town trails have been rolled and are skiable! Saturday morning, we hit Sunset Hills and Highland Glen and in the afternoon, Bridger Creek. In addition, Sunset Hills was groomed with the ginzu Saturday night and should be very good skating now. It is still a little too thin for classic tracks but dont let the lack of tracks stop you from enjoying a classic ski. Coverage is very good now as well.

The areas that have only been rolled will be very soft but conditions will improve with skier traffic. Bridger Creek has excellent coverage and we will do a more proper grooming soon once it has been skied in a bit. Highland will be bumpy and grassy but is absolutely skiable. We probably wont do any more work there until we get more snow though.

Now that we are really getting into ski season, a couple of annual reminders: the ski trails in town are not open to foot traffic or bike traffic. Fortunately, there are numerous other trail options throughout town that are not groomed for skiing. Just because a trail is public doesnt mean you can do whatever you want there. Grooming is expensive and time consuming; non-ski traffic really degrades the trail and costs extra grooming effort. If you are looking for a place to ski with your dog, Sourdough and Hyalite are the options for groomed skiing (grooming on Forest Service land starts later this week), dogs are not allowed on the in town trails.

Finally, we have another pint night for trails coming up, this time at Bozone Brewing on Sunday, December 8th, hope to ether see you there or on the trails!