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Trail Memberships for the 2023-24 Season
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October 25, 2023 10:55 AM

It's time to get those trail passes for the winter! But you might notice we're saying "trail membership" this year. Here's why!

We're introducing membership levels for trail supporters. This community does something special by coming together to collectively fund the grooming of these trails. We wanted to give you a membership model that reflects that you're part of this incredible ski community.

What's the same?

Y'all still get a trail pass with your membership. The cost for an individual membership ($75) and a basic family membership ($150) will be exactly the same as they were for the trail passes last year! And it's all still voluntary. If you can't afford it, the trails are still open. If you can, pay it forward.

What's different?

We added a few more perks for membership. All members get a vote at the BSF annual meeting and free, early entry to the BSF Ski Swap. Plus we added a variety of levels, so people can support the winter trails at a level that works for them. These levels offer additional perks, such as mugs and special events.

About those passes:

We're working with a local printer this year who will mail trail passes and your trail sticker to you. They'll send these out in batches, approximately every 2 weeks. (If you purchase your pass at the BSF office, Chalet, Roundhouse or Bangtail, you can collect your pass in person.) If you need a lanyard for your pass, just swing by the BSF office!