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First Packing
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November 7, 2018 10:09 AM

This morning I went out and rolled all of Sunset Hills and Lindley Pavilion. Early season work like this is mainly for the purpose of building our base. There is quite a bit of grass showing but that is much better than dirt and rocks. Coverage in some areas is much better than others but it is definitely ski-able, so get the rock skis out and give it a whirl!

Our other venues need a little more snow before we start working on them: Bridger Creek in order to protect the golf course from undue damage and Highland Glen because the trail surface is very bumpy and the grass is a little longer.

Sourdough and Hyalite Grooming will start on December 2nd per our agreement with the Forest Service.

A couple of early season reminders: There is no foot traffic (walkers or runners), dogs, or biking allowed on our groomed ski trails in town, even when there isn't much snow and we have only just started grooming. Fortunately, there are lots of trail alternatives for other uses right in the vicinity of our in town trails and our friends at Gallatin Valley Land Trust have some great maps on their website and at kiosks around town.

Grooming is a lot of work and we couldn't do it without support from the community, please consider buying a voluntary trail pass from BSF to help support our community trails! We have a couple of trails events coming up, see our calendar for more details.