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12/5 Midweek Update
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December 5, 2018 10:52 PM

In town, the skiing remains good at Sunset Hills and Highland Glen. We got out and touched up both of those venues and the skating is very good (the bumps are steadily smoothing out of Highland) with decent but thin classic tracks at Sunset Hills. With the cold temperatures, there isnt much we can do to make things better but we will likely touch up these trails for the weekend.

The lower loops at Bridger Creek got a touch up and it is skiable but very thin. Without more snow, we really cant do much here.

Sourdough is skiing well with very good coverage (only a few rocks showing). The big issue here is there are some weird ruts and crowns in the trail. The remnant foot and bike rut from before the trail closed to bikes for the season has proved hard to groom out. Above the bridge, there is a crown to the trail from the underlying road surface. All of this will go away with more grooming. We will get back out and clean this up for the weekend. Skiers, please take it slow coming back down the last few hills towards the trailhead; there are blind corners, lots of people, lots of dogs, and the snow is quite fast right now. As always, clean up after your dogs!

The big news is that BSF sent a crew up to Hyalite today (Wednesday) and got a good chunk of those trails packed in. We didnt set any classic tracks yet; for the initial run we have one machine break trail and the other pull the roller. Pulling implements through snow without any packed base under it is a tall order and its hard to do much other than make a mess. We will try to get some tracks in soon as the Forest Service is still waiting to get their machines back from some repairs. So, despite no tracks, the skiing up there should be good and fun! Dont let the lack of tracks stop you from enjoying the winter wonderland!

Photo by groomer Joel Castle 12/5/18