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Yellowstone Rendezvous

The annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Races drew nearly 500 xc skiers from around the country last weekend. Bozeman and the Bridger Ski Foundation were well represented, with many BSF skiers participating as well as parents, coaches, and local Bozeman skiers. Congrats to all—it was great to see so many Bozeman skiers there.


A few Top 10 highlights for overall results are below.

For full results, including age group placings:


25 km Classic Men Overall

1.     Logan Diekmann (BSF Alum, Utah State)

2.     Scott Mooney (BSF)

3.     Bridger McKinney (BSF) – 1st in agegroup

4.     Robert Kwapisz (BSF) – 3rd in age group

5.     Nick Matelich (BSF) – 4th in agegroup

6.     Eric Mittelsteadt (BSF parent) – 1st in agegroup


25 km Freestyle Men Overall

8. Jason Delmue (BSF)


25 km Classic Women Overall

2.  Anna French (Bozeman)

3.  Ryan Terry (BSF)

5. Brandy Stewart (Bozeman)

7. Emily Atwood (Bozeman)

10. Gro Lunde (BSF coach) – 1st in agegroup


25 km Freestyle Women Overall

1.     Heather Mooney (BSF)

2.     Hannah Cole (BSF)

3.     Vera Gruber (Bozeman)

5.     Jen Maixner (Bozeman) – 1st in agegroup


50 km Men

2. Akeo Maifeld-Carucci (BSF Alum, Bend, OR)

3. Silas Talbot (BSF)

6. Tanner Visnick (Bozeman)

7. James Rucker (BSF Board Member) – 2nd in agegroup


50km Women

1.     Anya Gruber (Bozeman)

7. Lucy Skinner (Bozeman) – 2nd agegroup

8. Ruby Zitzer (Bozeman) – 3rd agegroup

9. Jenny Wolfe (Bozeman) – 1st in agegroup


10 km Men

2. Hans Pessl (BSF)

3. Seth Wyatt (BSF)

4. Max Kluck (BSF) – 1st age group

10. Mason Boyd (BSF)


10 km Women

1.     Ariana Woods (BSF)

7.  Natalie McCormick  1st agegroup


5 km Men

1.     Kai Mittelsteadt (BSF)

2.     Stirling Marshall-Pryde (BSF)

4.    Cale Woods (BSF)

10.  Beau Walker (BSF)


5 km Women

1. Paige Coletta (BSF)

2. Emma White (BSF)

4. Georgianna Fischer (BSF)

5. Jessica Kalinowski (BSF)

7. Anna Alexander (BSF)

8. Clara Wyatt (BSF)

10. Brynn Engler (BSF)


2km Men

1. Eli Bruce (BSF)

6. Finn Wirth

12. Gus Hayes