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Whitefish YSL Races
Course Inspection in the fog.

The Northern Division Youth Ski League races took place in Whitefish, MT, last weekend. Coaches report that kids skied well and had a great time despite challenging weather conditions, with rain and fog looming all weekend. A few races were cancelled due to conditions, but even so, BSF Alpiners got in a lot of skiing and the coaches reported lots of enthusiasm and fired-up kids.


January 24: BSF Boys team 1st overall

January 25: BSF Girls team 4th overall, Boys team 2nd

January 26: BSF Boys team 1st

BSF Alpine Program Director Pete Petry noted that the girls had really strong performances, and that they're holding their own, especially considering how young the girls team is. Bodie Lenz, Drake Fricke, and Logan Broadhead led the way on the boys team, with young guns Bammie Zell and Oliver Svensrud making big jumps forward from late start orders.

Huge thanks to coaches Mike, LaRue, Lindsey, and Spencer! And thanks to all the families that traveled along, as well!