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Western Region Championships

Western Region FIS Junior Championships

Alpine Meadows, March 11-17

Six BSF Alpine skiers qualified for the Western Region FIS Junior Championships, which were held at Alpine Meadows: Max Larimer, Riley Asbell, Violet Newhouse, Sydney Rogers, Jessica King, and Amelia Volk.

Max Larimer

21st GS 3/13

7th Slalom 3/17

Riley Asbell

31st Slalom 3/13

49th Slalom 3/14

33rd Giant Slalom 3/15

34th Giant Slalom 3/16

25th Giant Slalom 3/17

Sydney Rogers

18th Slalom 3/14

24th Giant Slalom 3/15

43rd Giant Slalom 3/16

21st Giant Slalom 3/17

Jessica King

40th Slalom 3/14

44th Giant Slalom 3/15

26th Giant Slalom 3/16

Amelia Volk

28th Slalom 3/13

37th Slalom 3/14

41st Giant Slalom 3/17

Western Region U16 Championships

Sun Valley March 13-17

Octavia Fischer represented BSF at the U16 Western Region Championships. Octavia had a top finish of 16th in the slalom. She took 22nd and 32nd in the Super Gs. In the Giant Slalom, she was 33rd.