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West Yellowstone JNQ Report
Coach Sebi and his Devo crew watching the race start of the older athletes.

BSF had a fantastic weekend of racing at the second of three Junior National Qualifiers (JNQ) in West Yellowstone. Saturday was a freestyle sprint. PG skier Kalibri Drobish finished second in the female U18/U20 race. Hannah Kluck was also second in the female U16's, with teammate Natalie Nicholas in 9th. BSF took the top two spots in the men's U18/U20 race with Max Kluck and Phineas Fischer in first and second, and BSF's Sumner Cotton, Woody West, and Sam Haynes taking 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively. Landon Wyatt won the men's U16 sprint.

In Sunday's classic distance race, Ross Bowman won the U12 boys. Landon Wyatt again won the male U16 race, with three other teammates skiing into the top 10: Ryan Galyen, Aldo McWethy and Lucas Fassio. Natalie Nicholas was second in the female U16 race, with Necia Nicholas in 10th and Hannah Kluck in 11th. PG skier Cooper Hartman won the men's open race. Max Kluck was second in the male U18 race and Phineas Fischer was third. In the female U18/U20 race, PG skiers Kolibri Drobish and Anna French took 4th and 5th, with Comp Team skier Clara Wyatt in 9th. Next up is the final JNQ in Jackson, Wy.

Middle school girls.

Saturday Results

Sunday Results

Coach Cooper (who is also on the BSF PG team and who coaches the Devo Nordic team) gives the U12 boys a few race strategy tips for the sprint race.