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West Yellowstone JNQ

Bridger Ski Foundation’s Nordic team brought their A game to West Yellowstone last weekend, with 43 skiers participating in the second of three Junior National Qualifier races for the Intermountain Division.


During the Freestyle sprints, which include a qualifier round and then quarterfinals, semis and finals for those who advance, a large contingent of BSF skiers made it to the heats. Seth Wyatt landed on the podium in third for the U18/U20 Men’s sprint as well as the classic distance race.Georgianna Fischer and Emma White took fifth and sixth, respectively, in theU18/U20 sprints. The following day, Fischer teamed up with Paige Coletta to take second and third in the classic distance.


In the U16 Men’s sprint final, Max Kluck was edged out of first by a Park City skier by 0.03 seconds, and Phineas Fischer finished fourth; the pair had the same finish order in the distance race.

BSF’s young Development team of U10 to U14 skiers had a strong weekend as well, bringing home several podium medals.

The BSF Nordic team will have a final super-qualifier race in Utah this month before athletes are announced for the Junior National team that will represent the Intermountain Division.




U18/U20 Men

3. Seth Wyatt

18. Aidan Van Eerden

26. Cale Woods

33. Ben Sites

36. Liam Rasch


U18/U20 Women

5. Georgianna Fischer

6. Emma White

8. Paige Coletta

17. Jessica Kalinowski

22. Clara Wyatt

24. Brynn Engler

26. Lita Keefer

BSF Coaching staff.


U16 Boys

2. Max Kluck

4. Phineas Fischer

7. Woody West

16. Wyatt Stoddart

24. Landon Wyatt

30. Soren Hartnett

32. Gus Chisholm

38. Jasper Jacobsen


U16 Girls

13. Anna Alexander

15. Fiona Jacobsen

17. Annaliese Pessl

22. Elena Rubsam

24. Mora Gonzales

31. Elise Waddle


U14 Boys

5. Cole Bothner


U14 Girls

1. Hannah Kluck

6. Natalie Nicholas


U12 Girls

3. Rylie Bowman

4. Ruby Wunsch



Full results

U20 Men

3. Seth Wyatt


U18 Men

9. Aidan Van Eerden

17. Cale Woods

24. Ben Sites

26. Liam Rasch


U18 Women

2. Georgianna Fischer

3. Paige Coletta

11. Clara Wyatt

14. Emma White

20. Jessica Kalinowski

21. Brynn Engler

24. Lita Keefer


U16 Girls

10. Annaliese Pessl

13. Anna Alexander

21. Fiona Jacobsen

23. Elena Rubsam

25. Elise Waddle

27. Mora Gonzales


U16 Boys

2. Max Kluck

4. Phineas Fischer

8. Woody West

12. Landon Wyatt

13. Wyatt Stoddart

24. Jasper Jacobsen

28. Gus Chisholm

34. Soren Hartnett


U14 Girls

2. Hanna Kluck

3. Natalie Nicholas

6. Reeve Alexander

9. Necia Nicholas

11. Tobi Jacobsen

14. Maya Keefer

19. Brenna Barton


U14 Boys

1. Ryan Galyen

6. Cole Bothner

8. Aldo McWethy

9. Eli Bunting

16. Sam Tabor


U12 Girls

3. Ruby Wunsch

4. Rylie Bowman

9. Judith Haggerty


U12 Boys

4. Sam Brandon


U10 Boys

1. Ross Bowman

A huge thanks to all the parents who cheered and helped out over the weekend. You rock!