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Soldier Hollow, UT - January 2 & 3

Soldier Hollow in Utah hosted the first official FIS Nordic races of the season.

Simon Zink


The BSF Pro Team had several top 10 finishes and took home two podiums. One by Lauren Jortberg, who finished second in the skate sprint, and Finn O'Connell placed third in the 15k classic.

“Lauren's performance was particularly impressive since this was her first FIS race in 12 months after recovering from back and ankle surgery this summer,” said Coach Andy Newell. “She's worked so hard to return to form and we are super grateful to our team sponsor Excel PT for helping her along the way. This is a positive sign moving forward for Lauren, and this podium finish is a great stepping stone and shows she has potential for World Cup racing in the near future.”

Erika Flowers

Newell noted both Leah Lange and Finn O'connell have proven themselves among the best U23 skiers this season and they are waiting anxiously to see if they will be named to the U23 World Championship team. “If named to the team we will travel together to Vuokatti, Finland, for the championships taking place February 8 – 15.

Cale Woods


Several Comp team athletes also travelled to Soldier Hollow for racing. In his first year as a U18 racer, Max Kluck took an impressive 1st place in his age group in the sprint and 3rd in the 15K. Phinneas Fischer, who also just made the transition from U16 to U18 had two top-10 finishes in his age group, while Cale Woods took 6th  in the U18 age group for the sprint. Annalise Pessl led the Comp women in the 10K, finishing 19th among U18s. All races were individual starts, and BSF required Comp athletes to travel and lodge with their family, in order to avoid sharing team vehicles or lodging.

Annalise Pessl

15K Men Overall

1. Peter Wolter (Sun Valley) 43:59

2. Johnny Hagenbuch (Sun Valley) 44:08

3. Finn O’Connell (BSF Pro) 45:26

7. Logan Diekmann (BSF Pro) 46:32

10. Elliott Ketchel (BSF) 46:58

19. (3rd U18) Max Kluck (BSF) 48:47

21. Simon Zink (BSF Pro) 48:52

25. Seth Wyatt (UNH/BSF) 49:56

29. Graham Houtsma (BSF) 50:33

30. Jonah Steinberg (BSF) 50:37

31. (9th U18) Phineas Fischer (BSF) 50:39

Lauren Jortberg

10K Women Overall

1. Sydney Palmer-Leger (Univ. Utah) 31:56

2. Novie McCabe (Univ. Utah) 32:14

3. Julia Richter (Univ. Utah) 32:15

5. Erika Flowers (BSF Pro) 33:26

9. Leah Lange (BSF Pro) 33:56

17. Lauren Jortberg (BSF Pro) 34:51

28. Hannah Rudd (BSF Pro) 36:38

52. (19th U18) Annalise Pessl (BSF) 40:32

58. (12th U20) Julia Oliver (BSF) 42:00

Anna Alexander


1. Novie McCabe (Univ. Utah)

2. Lauren Jortberg (BSF Pro)

3. Julia Richter (Univ. Utah)

5. Erika Flowers (BSF Pro)

14. Leah Lange (BSF Pro)

25. Hannah Rudd (BSF Pro)

47. (12th U20) Julia Oliver (BSF)

54. (21st U18) Annalise Pessl (BSF)

55. (22nd U18) Anna Alexander (BSF)

Max Kluck


1. Logan Diekmann (BSF PRO) – tie

1. Peter Holmes (Sun Valley) – tie

3. Peter Wolter (Sun Valley)

11. Finn O’Connell (BSF Pro)

12. Graham Houtsma (BSF Pro)

15. (1st U18) Max Kluck (BSF)

18. Elliot Ketchel (BSF)

27. Simon Zink (BSF Pro)

29. Jonah Steinberg (BSF)

30. (6th U18) Cale Woods (BSF)

33. (9th U18) Phineas Fischer (BSF)

68. (34th U18) Gus Chisholm (BSF)


Phineas Fischer