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Senior Nationals

U.S. LL Bean CrossCountry Championships

Bridger Ski Foundation Nordic skiers began the year at the 2020 U.S. Senior National Championships in Michigan, with two Elite skiers and four juniors competing.


Elite skier Erika Flowers, who the ski press likes to refer to as “semi-retired” from professional skiing, proved she’s anything but retired. BSF Nordic Program Director Andrew Morehouse said, “Erika Flowers had two top 6finishes (skate sprint and skate distance) and Andy Newell came back from a back injury to win the classic sprint qualifier and finish 9th overall.”


BSF’s junior skiers—Georgianna Fischer, Paige Coletta, Clara Wyatt, and Seth Wyatt—though battling some illnesses, got to experience skiing with the best in the country with both the top junior and professional skiers in attendance. Several BSF alums currently skiing on theNCAA circuit also posted strong results.




5. Erika Flowers (BSF)

31. Marin Coletta (Colby College/BSF alum)

68. Sofia Shomento (Dartmouth College/BSF alum)

99. Georgianna Fischer (BSF) – 19th in U18 age group

132.  Paige Coletta(BSF) – 33rd in U18 age group

166. Clara Wyatt (BSF) – 55th in U18 age group



18. Logan Diekmann (Univ. of Utah/BSF alum)

30. Andrew Newell (BSF)

94. Nick Matelich (College of St. Scholastica/BSF alum)


10K FreestyleIndividual Start – Women

6. Erika Flowers (BSF) 28:26

33. Marin Coletta (Colby College/BSF alum) 30:44

86. Sofia Shomento (Dartmouth College/BSF alum) 32:35

137. Georgianna Fischer (BSF) 34:12 – 34th in U18age group

140. Paige Coletta (BSF) 34:29 – 36th in U18 age group

151. Clara Wyatt (BSF) 35:09 – 42nd in U18 age group


15K FreestyleIndividual Start –Men

49. Logan Diekmann 40:02 (Univ. of Utah/BSF alum)

121. Nick Matelich 43:07 (College of St. Scholastica/BSFalum)

143. Seth Wyatt (BSF) 43:46




13. Erika Flowers (BSF)



9. Andrew Newell (BSF) (won the qualifier)

10. Logan Diekmann (Univ. of Utah/BSF alum)

24. Nick Matelich (College of St. Scholastica/BSF alum)