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Nordic Intermountain Youth Championships

Thirty seven young BSF Nordic skiers traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, over the weekend for the 2019 Intermountain Division Youth Championships. For many young skiers, this is their first traveling race, and the BSF coaching team works hard to make it a positive experience.

The team made their own space-themed costumes for the last day of racing on Sunday.

Skiers competed in both skate and classic races of 1km, 2km, 3km or 5km, as well as skier-cross races for U8-U16. BSF skiers had a great weekend, accumulating twice as many points as runner-up Park City and third-place Sun Valley. Nice work, TEAM!

Celebrating the team award.
Lunch time. (photos: Molly Bowman)
Sparkled and ready to ski.
Some of the coaching staff.
Race time.
Coach Pat cheering on in his astronaut suit for the "space themed" costume day.
Good teammates know how to cheer you on. Here, Leif Moody gets the full support and enthusiasm of Team BSF.


Finishers in the top 5:

Judith Haggerty: 3rd on all races, the classic mass start and skate and skier cross for U10 woman

June Glick: 5th for classic mass start and skier cross and skate

Maya Keefer: 3rd in skate for U12 women race

Justin Earl: 4th U8 boys skate race

Woody West: 5th in skate and in skier cross for U14 men

Ally Wheeler tied for 3rd in the U12 girls classic mass start and 1st in the skate individual race.

Tobi Jacobson got 5th in the classic mass start for U12 woman.

Eli Bunting: 5th in the U12 men classic mass start and 2nd in skier cross

Natalie Nicholas got 4th in the U14 girls classic mass start.

Wyatt Stoddart: 2nd in the U14 men classic mass start and 3rd in the skate individual race,

Cole Bothner: 3rd in the skier cross

Leif Moody: 4th in the U16 men’s classic mass start and 4th in skate race.