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Minneapolis Super Tour

The BSF Nordic Elite Team travelled to Minneapolis to start the Midwest SuperTour Trip with three races at Theodore Wirth Park, the host of a FIS World Cup next year. Friday was the Freestyle Sprint. All BSF skiers qualified for the rounds, with Heather Mooney leading the Women’s Team with a 6th place and Luke Brown in 11th for the qualifier. The Team fought hard in their quarter finals, missing  advancement by narrow margins.

On Saturday, during the 15km Classic Mass Start, Felicia Gesior lead the team with a 6th place finish. This race was combined with a Midwest NCAA college field and other nationally ranked skiers.

Sunday was the 5/10km freestyle individual start. Luke Brown ended the day in 14th in a highly competitive and close race.

2/15/19 Full Sprint Results

Men’s Sprint

5. Akeo Maifeld-Carucci (Craftysbury/BSF alum)

15. Luke Brown (BSF)

19. Max LaChance (BSF)

23. Nicholas Power (BSF)

Women’s Sprint

3. Erika Flowers (Salomon/BSF alum)

9. Felicia Gesior (BSF)

11. Hannah Cole (BSF)

13. Heather Mooney (BSF)

2/16/19 Full Classic Results:

20KM Classic Men

10. Akeo Maifeld-Carucci (Craftysbury/BSF alum) 54:53

29. Nick Matelich (College of St. Scholastica/BSF alum) 58:32

31. Luke Brown (BSF) 58:59

35. Nicholas Power (BSF) 59:21

15km Classic Women

6. Felicia Gesior (BSF) 51:50

9. Erika Flowers (Salomon/BSF alum) 52:45

20. Heather Mooney (BSF) 55:17

22. Hannah Cole (BSF) 55:45

2/17/19 Full Freestyle Distance Results

10KM Freestyle Men

3. Akeo Maifeld-Carucci (Craftsbury/BSF alum) 23:37

14. Luke Brown (BSF) 24:19

31. Nick Power (BSF) 25:22

42. Nick Matelich (College of St. Scholastica/BSF alum) 26:15

5KM Freestyle Women

4. Erika Flowers (Salomon/BSF alum) 14:49

11. Felicia Gesior (BSF) 15:18

17. Hannah Cole (BSF) 15:40

31. Heather Mooney (BSF) 16:23