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Lacey & Gilpin Land on Podium at Snowbird

BSF Freestyle started their 2019 season with a regional contest at Snowbird Utah on January 5 & 6.  BSF Freestyle athletes were able to get a jump on the competition by competing at the venue where the 2019 U.S. Junior National Championships will be held March 4-10, 2019.  

This weekend's events consisted of 2 single mogul events and a dual mogul event.  Due to the weather conditions, the Dual mogul event was cancelled.  Mogul events are scored off a 100-point scale with 60% of your score based on your turns, 20% on your jumps, and 20% on how fast you ski the course.

BSF will send a larger contingent of athletes to the Snowbowl Mogul Events in Missoula January 18-20.

BSF Freestyle Skier Dane Alexander (photo: Mike Page)

Saturday’s results:  


Talia Gilpin-16th overall and 6th in her age group U-17.  Score= 51.02


Renner Skidmore- 14th overall and 9th in age group U-17  Score= 62.88

Dane Alexander- 24th overall and 14th in age group U-17  Score= 51.58

Radley Gilpin-  26th overall and 4th in age group  U-15  Score= 50.02

Oliver Lacey- 33rd overall and 2nd in age group- U-11  Score 37.43

Sundays Results:


Talia Gilpin-13th overall and 4th in her age group U-17.  Score= 55.13


Renner Skidmore- 7th overall and 5th in age group U-17  Score= 78.47

Dane Alexander- 13th overall and 9th in age group U-17  Score= 72.81

Radley Gilpin-  20th overall and 2nd in age group  U-15  Score= 47.71

Oliver Lacey- 25th overall and 2nd in age group- U-11  Score 4.00