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JNQ #1 - Jan 17 & 18, 2020

The Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) Nordic Team spent the weekend competing in their first Junior National Qualifier races of the season, held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"I could not be more proud of the way this team came together to support each other as teammates," says BSF Nordic Program Director Andrew Morehouse. "The grit and determination of our team shined especially bright on Friday when all of our U16 and U18 girls qualified in the top 30 in the classic sprint while enduring harsh blowing snow and wind."

Another gutsy performance in the sprints came from Seth Wyatt. After comfortably winning his semi-final (which included the eventual race winner), Wyatt fell early in the men's final.  "Instead of giving up after his fall, Seth chased down the other five boys, passing one in the finish straight to finish 5th on the day," noted Morehouse.

Georgianna Fischer, Phineas Fischer, Reeve Alexander, Landon Wyatt, Hannah Kluck, and Paige Coletta all had podium finishes during the weekend. And a number of other BSF skiers had top-10 finishes, including Annaliese Pessl, Emma White, Aidan Van Eerden, Max Kluck, and Natalie Nicholas.

The JNQ was the first of three race weekends where junior racers can accumulate points to earn a spot with the Intermountain Division to compete at the U.S. Junior National Championships in March.

Max Kluck and Phineas Fischer placed 4th and 2nd, respectively, in the 5K freestyle





U18/U20 Men Classic Sprint

5. Seth Wyatt

10. Aidan Van Eerden

34. Ben Sites


U18/U20 Women Classic Sprint

3. Georgianna Fischer

9. Emma White

12. Paige Coletta

13. Clara Wyatt

17. Jessica Kalinowski

18. Lita Keefer

26. Brynn Engler


U16 Men Classic Sprint

2. Phineas Fischer

4. Max Kluck

10. Woody West

13. Wyatt Stoddart

28. Gus Chisholm

29. Soren Hartnett

42. Jasper Jacobsen


U16 Women Classic Sprint

8. Annaliese Pessl

12. Anna Alexander

20. Mora Gonzales

21. Elena Rubsam

23. Fiona Jacobsen


U14 Girls Classic Sprint

2. Reeve Alexander

6. Hanna Kluck


U14 Boys Classic Sprint

1. Landon Wyatt

6. Ryan Galyen

U14 Girls Freestyle Mass start

2. Hannah Kluck

4. Natalie Nicholas

12. Necia Nicholas

13. Reeve Alexander


U14 Boys Freestyle Mass Start

1. Landon Wyatt

8. Cole Bothner

12. Ryan Galyen

17. Aldo McWethy

21. Joren Nielson


U16 Girls Freestyle Mass Start 5K

12. Annaliese Pessl 15:57

14. Anna Alexander 16:11

27. Fiona Jacobsen 17:12

37. Elena Rubsam 17:53

39. Mora Gonzales 18:12


U16 Boys Freestyle 5K

2. Phineas Fischer 13:08

4. Max Kluck 13:15

18. Wyatt Stoddart 14:22

20. Woody West 14:37

32. Gus Chisolm 15:42

42. Soren Hartnett 16:19

46. Jasper Jacobsen 16:24


U18 Women 10K Freestyle

3. Paige Coletta 32:23

10. Georgianna Fischer 32:51

15. Emma White 33:52

22. Brynn Engler 35:00

25. Clara Wyatt 35:41

27. Lita Keefer 36:03

32. Jessica Kalinowski 36:48


U18 Men 10K Freestyle

17. Aidan Van Eerden 30:00

18. Ben Sites 30:06


U20 Men 10k Freestyle

4. Seth Wyatt 27:31