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Intermountain Youth Championships

The BSF Nordic Development team took 21 athletes, ages 9 to 14, to the Intermountain Youth Championships in McCall, Idaho. They were joined by athletes from Big Sky Ski Education Foundation and Glacier Nordic. "It was exciting to bring athletes, coaches, and parents together from across the state, and we collectively referred to ourselves as Team Montana throughout the weekend," said BSF's Head Devo Coach Jessie Kay.

"Clad in unicorn crowns and glitter, our athletes raced boldly and coaches were proud to see so many courageous performances in the skate, classic, and skier cross events," Kay added.

Highlights of the weekend included bringing home the Team Sportsmanship Award, recognizing BSF's team spirit, helpfulness, and inclusion at the event and watching Coach Paul crush the coaches race in a unicorn suit!

Ski waxing and costume making in the sun.
Teaming up with Big Sky Ski Education Foundation & Glacier Nordic for "Team Montana"
Going for it.
Coach Jessie and Coach Julia sporting their unicorn costumes.
Racing hard.
More awards.
Coach Paul and his unicorn costume.
This team cheers as hard as they ski.
An obstacle course race that included a "bamboo forest." 
Receiving the sportsmanship award.
A grand time was had by all.