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7 Qualify for Nordic Junior Nationals

Some 700 western skiers descended on Soldier Hollow in Utah last weekend for what was termed a Super Qualifier, where junior skiers vied for their final points to earn a berth to the U.S. Cross Country Junior Nationals, while NCAA racers in the Rocky Mountain battled it out for NCAA standings. While the field was deep, with skiers from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and the Intermountain divisions, Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) held their own (BSF) and at the end of the weekend had seven athletes named to the Intermountain team that will go to Junior Nationals, to be held in Truckee, California, March 9-14.

“We had many courageous performances this weekend, and I am incredibly proud of the way our team supported each other before and after the event,” noted Andrew Morehouse, BSF Nordic Program Director. In addition to the seven who qualified, a number of BSF athletes were heartbreakingly close to making it, Morehouse noted.

BSF Nordic Athletes Going to Junior Nationals

Seth Wyatt (U20)

Cale Woods (U18)

Georgianna Fischer (U18)

Paige Coletta (U18)

Emma White (U18)

Max Kluck (U16)

Phineas Fischer (U16)

Over in Minnesota, BSF Elite Team skiers Andy Newell and Erika Flowers competed in the Super Tour races held at Worth Park in Minneapolis.  Flowers took second in the sprint. “Both athletes raced well and had performances that will help them reach their goal of racing in the US/Canadian World Cups this March,” said Andrew. “BSF is excited to have these athletes who live and train in our home community pursuing this level of international competition.”




Men U20

4. Seth Wyatt 22:44

Men U18

22. Cale Woods 24:37

34. Ben Sites 24:34

68. Liam Rasch 29:11



U18 Women

9. Georgianna Fischer 15:17

25. Paige Coletta 15:54

35. Clara Wyatt 16:24

42. Emma White 16:43

60. Brynn Engler 17:55

67. Lita Keefer 18:37

U16 Girls

21. Annaliese Pessl 16:05

25.  Anna Alexander 16:18

46. Fiona Jacobsen 17:10

51. Elise Wadle 17:21

55. Jessica Kalinowski 17:35

U16 Boys

11. Phineas Fischer 14:38

12. Max Kluck  14:41

21. Woody West 15:05

40. Wyatt Stoddart 15:54

71. Jasper Jacobsen 17:05

79. Soren Hartnett 17:31

U14 Girls

10. Hannah Kluck

12. Natalie Nicholas

20. Necia Nicholas

31. Brenna Barton

33. Maya Keefer

37. Reeve Alexander

48. Tobi Jacobsen

U14 Boys

2. Landon Wyatt

23. Cole Bothner

38. Aldo McWethy



U18 Women

15. Georgianna Fischer 31:27

20. Paige Coletta 32:15

35. Clara Wyatt 33:39

56. Brynn Engler 37:09

U20 Men

5. Seth Wyatt 26:14

U18 Men

26. Cale Woods 28:06

50. Ben Sites 30:19

60. Liam Rasch 31:42


U16 Girls

20. Annaliese Pessl 15:25

44. Elise Wadle 16:16

52. Giona Jacobsen 16:47

57. Elena Rubsam 17:03

U16 Boys

13. Woody West 13:07

14. Phineas Fischer 13:07.6

15. Max Kluck 13:08

32. Wyatt Stoddart 13:50

57. Jasper Jacobsen 14:26

59. Gus Chisholm 14:53

70. Soren Hartnett 15:15

U14 Girls

3. Natalie Nicholas

9. Hannah Kluck

17. Necia Nicholas

19. Reeve Alexander

25. Tobi Jacobsen

26. Maya Keefer

41. Brenna Barton

U14 Boys

1. Landon Wyatt

16. Aldo McWethy

21. Cole Bothner