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2018 U.S. Freestyle Championships

U.S. Freestyle Championships

Waterville Valley

Two BSF mogul skiers and two recent alums ranked high enough among U.S. Freestyle skiers to attend the 2018 U.S. Freestyle Championships at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire.

Mogul Qualifications Men

32. Phillip Kirk (BSF alum), Park City         65.04

41. Dane Alexander                               56.99

42. Renner Skidmore                                    48.25

 Overall men's mogul winner was Brad Wilson of Butte, Montana.

Mogul men results

Mogul women results

Mogul Qualifications Women

33. Rian Zetzer (BSF alum), Park City        56.75


Dual Moguls Men

38 Renner Skidmore

46 Dane Alexander

Overall Dual Moguls winner was Brad Wilson of Butte, Montana.

Full dual men results

Full dual women results