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The Sports Journey
September 28, 2020
Jenny White

It's a stressful year, an uncertain year. Now, more than ever, it may help to remember that your children are on a journey. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

John O'Sullivan of Changing the Game Project has a must-read blog post on the how and why: "Youth Sports is a Journey, Not a Destination."

Did you know that if your children move out and head off to college at age 18, and then live in a different town, only visiting two weeks a year, by the time they graduate high school you will have already spent around 90% of all your days with them? Read that again. It hit me like a ton of bricks. ... At this moment, with natural disasters, divisive politics, COVID, you name it, there is so much fear of missing out, so much stress about what might happen with this season, if we even have it, that every one of us can lose sight of this precious journey we are on.   -John O'Sullivan