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Save the Dates for Freestyle Summer Camps
April 25, 2017
Mike Papke

Here's our summer lineup of programs for the BSF Freestyle & Freeskiing program.  Whether you're a  a multi-sport athlete, or a friend of a friend, we hope you'll consider joining us. A

All local youth to join in our summer programs, regardless of their involvement in BSF ski programs.

Our certified camp coaches follow the key concepts of USSA LTAD (long Term Athlete Plan).  This is the science behind what successful athletes are doing during different development stages.  New to the LTAD?  Visit

Beartooth On-Snow Camp:  

June 20-26, 2017

Summer on-snow camp in Red Lodge.  This camp is at the top of the plateau at 10,900 ft.  Ages accepted based on ability.  The top of the cornice to access the training area is steep (50 degree cornice).This camp is geared to athletes that are interested in progressing during the summer and being prepared when next winter arrives.  We are offering several options at this camp. Full camp, 1/2 camp, transportation and lodging. Details are coming soon.  New to the Beartooths? Visit

Water Ramps  

Camp #1       July 17-23, 2017                          

Camp #2       August 14-18, 2017


All kids are welcome to join us. (Skiers, soccer players, gymnast, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.) No specific Jumping skills are necessary to take part, These water ramp camps are designed to each individual ability.  Athletes learn tricks on the trampolines or perfect their current tricks before taking them to the water.  We also use the Snowgression as a training center as well.  

summer trampoline

Fall Trampoline Camps:  

Tramp Session 1-  August 7- September 7, 2017

Tramp Session 2-  September 11- October 4th,  2017

We will be offering trampoline camps In August and September.  These trampoline camps are at a private residence in Bozeman. Tramp classes are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:30 PM.  Additional info to follow.


We try to make our camps as cost effective as possible.  We are currently finalizing camp prices. We use actuals for the athletes that need lodging, meals, and transportation. We have a target range for these camp cost but the full packages depends on the number of athletes that attend. 


Stay tuned for info on when registration opens for Freestyle camps. There is a deadline of 3 weeks prior to camp departure.  

Questions? Contact Freestyle Program Director and Head Coach Mike Papke or Tel: 406-581-8598