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Registration and Important Details for the Season
August 15, 2020


Dear BSF Members,

I warmly welcome both returning and new families to the 2020-2021 BSF season.

It has been a challenging planning and preparation period. What has come to light during these uncertain times is the impact and importance of the BSF mission—Inspiring a life-long love of skiing, athletic excellence, and personal growth. Now more than ever, BSF remains focused on delivering world-class programming and stoking the passion of athletes to reach their full potential.

I would like to outline several updated protocols, policies, and recommendations. Please note that we will continue to adapt as needed. Our number one priority is athlete safety and, of course, having some fun along the way.

1)   Covid-19 Risk Management: BSF has instituted a risk management plan for operating in order to best protect staff, athletes and our community. This phased plan may change, as needed. Please read it HERE.

2)   Additional Refund Clause: BSF has added a force majeure refund clause (found HERE), which will allow you to be refunded for up to 70% of a program’s fees if BSF has to cancel sessions due to COVID-19.

3)   Vans: BSF is not offering van transportation this fall. We are fortunate that our sport allows us to be outside and socially distant. As a club, we feel that transportation could compromise these advantages. Further, CDC guidelines recommend to practice social distancing and to avoid pooled rides with multiple passengers who are not in the same household. Offering van transportation with reduced capacity would not serve everyone and is not the safest way for us to continue offering quality ski training.

4)   School Schedules: BSF recommends Devo and Comp student-athletes petition for Monday/Tuesday in-person instruction. (We understand that this may not be an option at your school or for your family’s circumstances; rest assured, this is not a requirement.) This recommendation is based on the following:

  • Having athletes attend school on the same days, with the same cohort of non-BSF kids, might reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, both within the BSF community and also the greater school community.
  • Competitions generally require travel on or before Thursday or Friday.
  • We believe that having athletes attend school on the same days will allow a greater sharing of resources including transportation, learning pods, and childcare.

We understand that this may be not possible, or in the best interest for all BSF families. Currently only high school students can petition to switch. More information for middle and elementary school kids may come out in the coming days.

5)   The BSF Office Moved—Across the Street: The new address is 2339 Birdie Drive, Suite 4, Bozeman, MT 59715. We are directly across the street from the old location, on the lower right side of the building.

There continue to be many unknowns, including the track of the pandemic, competition schedules, Bridger Bowl operations plans, and navigating new school schedules. I promise that BSF programs and protocols will continue to adapt with the best intentions of our athletes in mind.

As always, your opinions and insights are appreciated. I encourage BSF members to attend discipline committee meetings (typically held once a month) and to reach out to me or your program directors if you have any questions.


Evan Weiss

Executive Director



Devo & Comp Team Registration is now open for all teams. (See some of your options below.) We anticipate fall dryland training to proceed as planned. Since we can't predict the pandemic landscape four months from now, we've outlined our standard plan for the winter, and we will adapt that as needed.

Intro Program Registration will open on October 15 . On the website, you'll see the standard schedule/options we plan to offer. However, again, we want to be able to adapt these programs if necessary, and since they don't start until winter, we've delayed registration until Oct 15 to give us the chance make changes if needed. We anticipate high demand for these programs and it will be first come, first serve. (Click here to join the mailing list for our Intro Programs and be the first to know about updates.)

Early-bird pricing. This year, we've instituted early-bird pricing across all programs. After Nov 15, prices will increase. Why? Having most enrollment completed by November 15 gives BSF the needed time to hire and train the appropriate number of coaches and allows us to deliver ideal coach to skier ratios.

Payment plans. Once again, payment plans are available for programs that cost more than $650. New this year: BSF will send you a monthly invoice, which you can pay online. (No more automated payments through SkiClubPro.)

New to BSF? We use SkiClubPro as our registration system. You'll need to create an account for your household and go through the entire Account Wizard setup before you add programs and a BSF membership to your cart.

Registration questions?

Start with the website. We've worked hard to answer most basic questions for each program on your team page. You'll find scholarship info, schedules, equipment lists, volunteer expectations, and more on each page.

For help checking out/registering: email (Reminder that the BSF office is still on summer hours: Tu, W, Th from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

For questions about the programs: contact your program director/head coach listed on your team website page.