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Nordic Summer Training & COVID-19
May 19, 2020
Andrew Morehouse

COVID-19 Update:

The BSF Nordic Team plans to rollout summer dryland training, with several new guidelines in place.

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and follow the most recent Federal, state, and local guidelines. We are using these guidelines, along with recommendations from the USOPC to build a risk management plan for BSF Summer Training.

Right now, we are in Phase 1 of this operating plan: View the BSF COVID Plan

This includes keeping groups to 10 or fewer people, keeping all sessions outdoors, no BSF van transportation, maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, and having all athletes do their distance workouts on their own.

This will continue to evolve as new recommendations come out and we get closer to the start of organized practice. The safety and health of our athletes, families, and community members will drive our decisions and we appreciate your flexibility in these unprecedented times.

Start dates:

Comp Team: May 19

Devo Progressive: June 2

Devo & Devo Prep: June 16

Adult Training: June 16

Be Good Role Models, Please

As we start BSF training, I ask that as a BSF community, we all do our best to follow Montana's Phase 1 guidelines. With warm, sunny weather and the start of the training year, the temptation is high to gather in groups to train together. As a large organization in our community, we have the opportunity to be leaders in the effort to combat this pandemic. Please, if you're training outside of BSF practice, follow these recommendations:

  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals
  • Keep group sizes to 10 or less - smaller is better
  • If training on the road, always wear a helmet and high visibility clothing
  • Avoid being on roads during high traffic hours, or dawn and dusk when visibility is limited
  • Make room and be courteous to other trail users
  • Avoid sharing drinks or snacks with friends
  • Be safe and have fun!


Registration for summer dryland training and the year-round Nordic programs is now open. REGISTER ONLINE HERE.

Program info:

Devo Programs

Comp Program

Adult Program

Payment plans: When you register online, you can checkout without paying. BSF will invoice you starting June 1. Programs under $1500 will be divided into 3 monthly payments, and programs over $1500 will be divided into 4 monthly payments. If you'd like to pay in full, there is still the Single Payment option in Ski Club Pro.

While 2020 summer programs won't look quite like this (think smaller groups and 6 feet apart), we aim to keep the views and the fun.