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Nordic Passes for Crosscut
October 23, 2018

Bridger Ski Foundation and Crosscut are pleased to announce details of a renewed partnership. Thanks to Crosscut management for working with BSF and helping foster Gallatin Valley's skiing culture.


All BSF Nordic athletes should have a season pass to Crosscut Mountain Sports Center (except Intro skiers only doing Tues/Thurs in town). These passes are available online at: Additional info here: Sign up before November 15, 2018 to get the Early Bird Discount. Passes should be picked up by the athlete or parent/guardian at the Nordic Center before their first ski.

Early bird prices, season passes

Adults: $200

Ages 12-18: $80

Under 12: $5

All BSF Athletes and coaches must scan their pass at the pass scanner before skiing. If an athlete forgets their pass, they should check in verbally with the Nordic Center Staff.


BSF passholders may ski at Crosscut during season pass holder hours (7 days/week from 8am-6pm). BSF passholders will also have the privilege of early and late season skiing, conditions permitting. BSF passholders must contact the Operations Director to use ski trails outside of these hours.

BSF shall keep Crosscut's Operations Director apprised of planned training sessions at Crosscut. Likewise, Crosscut's Biathlon Coach shall inform BSF of all plans to ski in town. Reasonable effort shall be made by both parties to avoid overcrowding of trails.


BSF athletes and parents should use the main Crosscut parking lot. In the event that the upper lot is full and the lower lot needs to be opened to accommodate overflow, athletes and coaches should still scan their passes at the Nordic Center.