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Meet the Coach: Bailey Servais
April 30, 2019
Jenny White

Meet first-year Alpine coach Bailey Servais.

Bailey started working with BSF Alpine's U10/U12 skiers during the 2018-19 ski season.

"The best part about coaching is seeing the athletes improve, and seeing their passion drive improvements their skiing," she says. "I love when athletes ask 'can we do drills?' or ask how they can improve. But it’s also fun to free ski with the athletes and see how much they love skiing. Just knowing that the kids will have the skills that skiing and ski racing gives them is a great feeling."

Bailey started skiing at age six and began racing soon after at Buck Hill in Burnsville, Minnesota. She says it has a whopping 262 vertical feet. She raced for both her high school ski team and for Buck's USSA team. She also raced at the FIS level and made it to U.S. Nationals her senior year. Her love for mountains and skiing brought her to Bozeman and Montana State University.

BSF moment of the year: "It’s hard to pick a specific moment, but one of the funnier things that happened was when we were having the kids 'chase' each other in the course, where one athlete gets a head start and the next athlete skis behind and tries to “catch” them. It ended being a great way to challenge the athletes to go faster. One duo, Nora chasing Mira, was more eventful than the others. Nora had overtaken Mira earlier in the course by just straight-lining it down the hill, which was funny in and of itself. But Mira, not to be one to back down, straight-lined it herself past a few gates to overtake Nora. However, in the process, they collided with one another. Neither of them were hurt, thankfully, but it was such a classic display of some friendly competition!"