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Freeride Team Continues to Improve
February 22, 2023
Coach Bailey Servais

We've had some really awesome training and have seen some awesome improvements, in both athletes' technique and expanding their comfort zone. Big Sky was many athletes' first freeride comp, and they all performed great! First-comp nerves were in full swing, but a huge shout out to Maggie Stevens for having the best pep talk in the start gate!

It's been a great season, and we have two comps left: Grand Targhee Junior Regional 2* and Big Sky Junior National 3*. We have a mock comp coming up this weekend, as well.

Big Sky Junior Regional 2*

Mira Ranieri - 2nd in U12 Ski Female

Willie Henry - 7th in U12 Ski Male

Ayla Martello - 8th in 12-14 Ski Female

Kat Pugh - 14th in 12-14 Ski Female

Maple Devitt - 15th in 12-14 Ski Female

Maggie Stevens - 16h in 12-14 Ski Female

Charlie Henry - 5th in 12-14 Ski Male

Rio Ranieri - 6th in 12-14 Ski Male

Zeke Franklin - 7th in 12-14 Ski Male

Eli Magro - 10th in 12-14 Ski Male

Harry Amphlett - 15th in 12-14 Ski Male

Quade Schnabel - 18th in 12-14 Ski Male

Truman Devitt - 2nd in 12-14 Snowboard Male

Elle Johnson - 5th in 15-18 Ski Female

Erik Steckmest - 5th in 15-18 Ski Male

Bridger Gault - 8th in 15-18 Ski Male

Eli Bunting - 15th in 15-18 Ski Male