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Freeride Skiers Continue to Excel
March 8, 2023
Coach Bailey Servais

Last weekend, we had an athlete, Bammie Zell, compete at the Snowbird Junior National 3*!

We also had six athletes compete at the Grand Targhee Regional 2*: Luke & Erik Steckmest, Soren Fricke, Zeke Franklin, Harrison Hoffman, Rio Ranieri.

I heard the kids had a lot of fun, and this was the second comp at Grand Targhee, so I think it was great to have some of the athletes go back for redemption.

In terms of results, Erik Steckmest got 1st and Luke Steckmest got 4th in the 15-18 ski male. Harrison Hoffman also got 1st in the 15-18 snowboard male. Rio Ranieri got 6th (coming back from 14th after qualifiers!). While Zeke and Soren had either crashes or control issues on one of their runs, Zeke got 1st on his qualifying run, and Soren got 2nd in his finals run.