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BSF to Follow Air Quality Guidelines
July 31, 2019
Jenny White

As Montana's fire season kicks up its heels, it's time to think about air quality and the health of our athletes. BSF will follow the NCAA Sports Science Institute's policy on training during times of poor air quality.

Athletes are at greater risk for being exposed to air pollutants, for a number of reasons, and we'll be using the National Weather Service's Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine when training sessions need to be modified or cancelled.

BSF will refer to the local AQI to make appropriate decisions to protect athlete safety and health.


In short: the NCAA guidance says:

AQI over 150: outdoor activities should be shortened and exertion minimized by decreasing the intensity of activity. Sensitive athletes should be moved indoors.

AQI over 200: serious consideration should be given to rescheduling the activity or moving it indoors. Prolonged exposure and heavy exertion should be avoided. Avoid all outdoor activity for sensitive individuals.

AQI of 300+: outdoor activities should be moved indoors or cancelled if indoor activity is not an option.

Sensitive to Air Quality?

If you or your child has sensitivities, especially respiratory difficulties, it's important to notify their coach in advance  so they can make individual adjustments at the appropriate level, which may differ from the team's main plan.

While we can't stop fire season, we can make sure that we protect your lungs as best we can.


Read more about the NCAA policy here.

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