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May 31, 2022
Jenny White

This week, the Bridger Ski Foundation sends 11 seniors off into the world as they graduate high school and forge their own distinct paths. While their departures are bittersweet, we can’t wait to see what they do.

They started where we all do: with tiny skis, snowplows, and lots of falls. Before we knew it, they were picking up speed and tackling more difficult terrain. We have watched them grow into resilient, smart, strong, and compassionate teammates. They’ve balanced training, travel, academics, family and friends. And as they look back on their years with BSF, they remind us of the power of sports: how coaches, teammates, and the lessons you learn along the way build you into the person you become.

In their senior scholarship essays, athletes echoed over and over again how BSF has become their second family. And skiing is much more than just an activity.

“I would not be standing here the person I am today without this program. This sport has taught me the life long lessons of hard work, determination and grit that I will continue to carry with me throughout the rest of my life.” - Clara Wyatt 

This team pushes me to be my best, go a little faster in rollerski intervals, and care more deeply. I feel safe enough to be vulnerable, safe enough to express my dubious opinion of pouring milk before cereal, safe enough to come as I am and know that that is enough. The team will embrace me where I am.” - Jessie Kalinowski 

For these athletes, many of whom have been skiing with BSF for over a decade, the journey doesn't end here. The love of skiing is lifelong. The friendships are lifelong. And as Henry Pritham wrote, "I will be a part of the BSF family for the rest of my life."



Years with BSF: 13 

Favorite BSF Memory: “Last year we cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner together as a team, and it was so much fun.”

What’s next? Colorado College and majoring in Microbiology. And she hopes to do a lot of skiing and mountain biking in her free time. 



Years with BSF:

Favorite BSF memory: My favorite memory from BSF was this past year in Soldier's Hollow for senior nationals. My teammates and I were all in my hotel room and just having fun being in each other's company, all tired from a day of racing but nonetheless just enjoying the freedom of our afternoon, only concerned with what the wax report was for the next day and what dinner was that night. For me the moments that I look upon most fondly often have little to do with competition or racing but rather having a good time with my teammates and coaches.

What’s next? Montana State University to study business. 




Years with BSF:

Favorite BSF memory: “Finishing my first downhill in Schweitzer.”

What’s next? University of British Columbia Okanagan



Years with BSF: 12 

Favorite BSF memory: “2020 adventure camp we were all sitting around the campfire singing and it was really fun.” 

What’s next? Northern Arizona University for photography or psychology 



Years with BSF:

Favorite BSF memory: “Although it is not a specific memory, some of my favorite memories are the long van rides after a big workout or a tough race. The team piles into the sprinter vans and we'll blast some Taylor Swift or John Denver and belt our hearts out, letting it all go.” 

What’s next? Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, to study mathematics or another STEM subject. 



Years with BSF: 8

Favorite BSF memory: “I do not have a specific favorite memory, but what has made BSF for me is the people, so the things I remember most are times we were laughing over something silly in a van, or on a long somewhat-ambitious adventure at a camp. I have been incredibly lucky to have such a solid crew of teammates and coaches, and they are what has made BSF what it is to me.” 

What’s next? Western Washington University to study Community Health. I am excited to explore the Cascades and the Pacific. 



Years with BSF: 15

Favorite BSF memory: “I have many BSF memories, but one that sticks out to me most is skiing with my friends from Special Olympics.” 

What’s next? Tufts University to study biochemistry or economics. 



Years with BSF:

Favorite BSF memory: “FIS race in Alaska in 2020. Some of the best older athletes and friends who supported me in my first FIS race. I straddled the first gate one of the slaloms and got frostbite in one of the most brutal race series. However I had an incredible time and finished well.”

What’s next? Colorado School of Mines 



Years with BSF:

Favorite BSF Memory: “My favorite BSF memory is sitting in a hotel lobby while Coach Andrew played the guitar and we all sung along to Wagon Wheel.”

What’s next? University of Utah and studying biomedical engineering. 



Years with BSF: 10 

Favorite BSF Memory: “Valentines Day Relay a couple years ago with my partner Soren Hartnett, We won!” 

What’s next? Montana State University and skiing on the Crosscut Elite Biathlon Team. 



Years with BSF: 13 

Favorite BSF Memory: “There are so many it was hard to chose but, one of my favorite memories was running from Crosscut to the top of Sac with the team at Adventure Camp this past summer.” 

What’s next? St. Michael's College, studying Media, Film and Journalism Studies, and skiing for their Nordic team.