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BSF Awards $32,800 in Scholarships
December 20, 2018
Jenny White

Bridger Ski Foundation is pleased to announce that a total of $32,800 is being provided to BSF athletes through scholarships and financial aid for the 2018-19 season.

The breakdown:

Ambassador Scholarships: $6,000

Need-based Scholarships: $10,400

Athletic-based Scholarships: $15,600

Senior Scholarships: $800

Athletes apply for scholarships each October, and are notified in November of awards. Senior scholarships will be awarded in the spring to graduating seniors. More on the application process can be found HERE.

Donations to the scholarship program may be made HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the scholarship fund!

Meet the 2018-19 BSF Ambassadors

These six athletes have the honor of being BSF Ambassadors this season, which comes with a $1,000 scholarship and the responsibility of representing BSF.

Alpine skier Max Larimer.
Freestyle skier Dane Alexander

Nordic skier Ariana Woods
Nordic skier Izak Becker
Nordic skier Brynn Engler
Freestyle skier Talia Gilpin

“This program is important because it gives athletes incentives to be leaders within their disciplines, and it teaches them about the club and the value of its existence,” says BSF Board Member Barbie Huber. “They learn life skills and create friendships of respect and support.”

Part of the ambassador scholarship requires athletes to communicate with a board member (or donor) throughout their season, to volunteer at one BSF event and one community event. All the while, they’ll be representing BSF to the highest standards.

Board member Bruce Swann plans to bring this group of ambassadors to volunteer at the Big Sky Special Olympics on February 25. This particular volunteer opportunity has been formative for our past ambassadors. Many have identified it as the most influential day of their season.

Congratulations, ambassadors! Thank you for representing BSF, and may you find growth and leadership in the season to come.