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Attitudes to Instill in Your Ski Racers
November 4, 2019
Jenny White

Want to give your kids a healthy foundation for sports? Jim Taylor, a ski racing sports psychologist, says that before racers even get to the mountain, before he can even start working on the mental training aspects of sports psychology, an athlete needs to have built the right attitudes. You can help your kids begin to build these attitudes--to give them the tools to think and to emotionally respond to their sport so that they can be set up for success.

What are they? Get the full details at Ski, read, "Six Attitudes Parents Should Instill in Their Ski Racers."

These are the attitudes that, over time, allow athletes to rise to the occasion, to enjoy their sport, and to pursue success, rather than avoiding failure. And, as the author points out, "these attitudes are wonderful gifts you give them that will serve them well in school and in all of their future achievement efforts."