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Alpine Team Gets Promising Out-of-Division Experience
February 22, 2024
Coach Josie Knight

This past weekend, the Alpine Comp team traveled out of division for a race series in Sun Valley. This series provided an amazing opportunity for athletes to experience an arena outside of our usual divisional races without the stress of a championship event. Over the course of the weekend, our three BSF athletes were able to race on an incredible surface not often seen here in Northern Division.

While it took sometime to adjust, this snow provided a great opportunity for the athletes to expand their skill sets. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and were able to explore the mountain to free ski between races. This trip provided many opportunities for team bonding within our BSF group as well as with other Northern Division teams. We were working closely with each other, as each team brought fewer athletes than we would to an in-division race. Overall, Sun Valley hosted a great event and provided our athletes with an equally great experience to remember.