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Alpine Competes at Red Lodge
December 26, 2022

Some U14's attended Slalom Camp at Red Lodge and had a great time. After 2 days of focused slalom training they got to do 2 races the Monday before Christmas.

"I am so excited about the abilities of all our U14's," says Coach LaRue Seitz-Dettori, "It will be a great season ahead. In addition to the training and racing at Red Lodge it gave the U14's an opportunity to work with some coaches from other mountains and meet athletes from various places in Northern Division. It was a great start to the season with 3 athletes on the podium and more in the top 10."

Ladies Slalom Race 1:

2nd - Nadine Hansen, 3rd - Lena Haugan, 4th - Addison Stephenson, 5th - Neva Halverson, 9th Eilee Lenz

Ladies Slalom Race 2: 3rd - Lena Haugan, 4th Nora Haugan, 6th - Neva Halverson, 7th Nadine Hansen, 8th - Addison Stephenson

Men's Slalom Race 1: 2nd - Dayne Free

Men's Slalom Race 2: 2nd - Dayne Free, 8th Peter Stewart