Nordic CommittEe & parent LiaIsons

Nordic Committee


The Nordic Committee is a group of volunteers who meet once per month to plan and put on Nordic events for the team and our community. The committee works with the BSF Board, Executive Director, and Nordic Program Director to host the community Nordic FUNSki series, team potlucks, local Junior National Qualifier races, fundraising events, as well as providing coach and team support, and more. This is a great group to be involved with - Please join us! (email the chair to join the committee)

Chair: Jeff Wyatt


Sarah Alexander

Alison Bradley

Brian Bothner

Molly Bowman

Rebekah Bunting

Betsy Cordes

Douglas Fischer

Kaelin Kiesel

Jeff Rasch

Heidi Robison

Clarissa Werre

Becky Wheeler


Things may seem overwhelming at first, but we can help! For parents and athletes wishing to talk with families who are involved in BSF Nordic junior programs, the following individuals have volunteered to be Parent Liaison Mentors. These are parents who have developed a good understanding of equipment needs, team travel, race schedules, training and coaching. Please do not hesitate to contact them with your questions, concerns or ideas!

Comp Team (U20, U18, U16): Paige Wyatt

Devo Progressive and Devo (U14, U12): Sarah Nicholas

Devo Prep and Intro (U12, U10, U8, U6): Molly Bowman