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We're trying out a new community wax night this year. BSF will share their tools and wax expertise.


Reserve a wax table spot online. You bring your skis (one pair per wax table slot, please). We'll provide the equipment, wax, and even offer some expertise if you'd like help. Suggested donation of $10 (cash) to cover supplies.


Anyone is welcome. Come if you don't have the equipment to wax at home. Come if you need a little more guidance before you're ready to wax skis on your own. Come if you want a few pro tips.


BSF is fortunate to have volunteers, wax techs, and coaching staff who are extremely knowledgable in the ways of waxing cross country skis. Case in point: Nordic Program Director Andrew Morehouse spent four seasons as a wax technician on the World Cup with the U.S. Ski Team--and can prep an Olympian's skis or a pair of old sticks to cruise up Sourdough.

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