U14 3day Program

The U14 3day development team,  (recommended ages 12 & 13)  is for athletes who are driven to further their racing careers. This program provides physical training starting in the fall to help prevent injuries and to allow for optimum performance.  On snow training, which begins as soon as resorts are open (early december), combines free skiing, drills, and gates.  Technique (how to ski) and tactics (where to ski) are taught in tandem.

Depending on age and ability, U10 - U14 athletes have the opportunity to compete in USSA Northern Division races held at Bridger Bowl and other ski areas located across Montana and Wyoming. YSL racers who are ready to move up to the next level will also be invited to compete in USSA races upon recommendation by the Alpine YSL Director.

Program starts in early December.

  • Cost:  $1250
  • Fall Dryland training starts early September 
  • U14 program begins at Thanksgiving camp, then at Bridger Bowl in early december and ends with YSL Championships in March
  • Winter training is Saturday & Sunday & Wednesday afternoon
  • USSA Youth license is required
  • Hard Shell (no soft eared) CE approved or equivalent helmet required
  • Bridger Bowl ski pass required
  • Free skis, GS & SL skis recommended
  • Competition is in Northern Div/USSA YSL Series throughout Montana.
  • Parent/volunteer assistance with races is needed and is a fun place for parents to learn about ski racing
  • Rescue beacon & confidence in its use is recommended
  • Fall Dryland & Christmas Camp included. Summer Dryland and Thanksgiving Camp not included. Other potential ski-season fees/costs (depending on the skier’s age and/or level of participation) include individual race fees, travel, and coaching travel expenses for races and camps.